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Our company

AI Mnemonic is a vibrant incubation company in HKSTP. Our company team has many years of research in physiological signals and development in healthcare products. Our team members have more than 40 patents and 300 international technical papers published. We will launch our product for attention monitoring and other healthcare related products soon.

What we Focus


We combine EEG + Activity recognition to improve the accuracy of detecting correct attention, which can help our student's learning by share of training and therapy information to professionals.


Our product is cloud based and compatible with commercial EEG device with auxiliary tools to evaluate the effectiveness of training and therapy.

Our Team

Ir. Dr. Ringo Lam
(PhD in EIE, PolyU)
CEO, Company Founder

-More than 30 relevant years
-Participated in numerous projects in healthcare device, physiological data analysis, image processing and AI technology

Prof. Ling Wing Kuen
(PhD in EIE, PolyU)
CTO, Company Founder

-Hundred-People-Plan and Young-Thousand-People-Plan Distinguished Professor
- About 40 patents were filed / granted
- Nearly 300 international papers


HKSTP Incubation Graduate
Hong Kong ITF Patent Application Grant Recipient
Hong Kong ITF Public Sector Trial Scheme Fund
HK Tech 300 programme by City University of Hong Kong (CityU)